Our Stories

Sama Samer

I’m Sama Samer I had this operation to correct my heart TGA  defect in Najaf Sadir Hospital Feb 2012 when I was 22 days old, and this is the picture of my heart during the operation I am very well now. I was the youngest patient in the history of Iraq to have this kind of operation.

Zahra Kadir

I’m Zahra Kadir I was 4 years old when I had my heart defect TOF corrected feb.2012 at Sadir Hospital in Najaf by ICHF team.

Mohammad Ali

My Name is Mohammad Ali I’m 4 years old, I had an operation done on my heart Dec. 2012 for TOF in Basra.

Noor Abaas

My name is Noor Abaas, I’m 11 years old, I had my operation on my hear for VSD at Alsadir Hospital in Basra in Dec2012. I’m very well now.